"Tatoo" (read on)

A great retro TV! We love this piece too and just couldn't pass it up! It reminds us of when we were little girls sitting on the floor watching Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, Little House on the Prairie ... (bring back any memories??) The sound of the knobs clicking to change the channel is priceless! Makes for a fun conversational piece and really fun to put either chalkboard vinyl on the screen to write a message or place an old/recent black and white photo on the screen. This piece was recently rented for an 80th birthday party to place photos of the birthday girl on top of the console.

Uses: Sign in station, entry piece, photo table, small cake table

Quantity: 1

Dimensions: 32" H x 32" W x 20.5" D

Color: Old White

Rental Price: $25.00

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